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Scott Perez

Cultural Understandings and Relationships to Nature



Scott Perez


Scott grew up in a farming community in the Midwest.  He worked on farms through high school and his first stint in college.  Scott moved to the West and spent over two decades as a working cowboy, horseback guide, river guide, ski bum, and carpenter.  He returned to college in 2000 at Fort Lewis in Durango and graduated with a Southwest Studies major and a focus on range issues.  He went to graduate school at Cornell University receiving his MS in Natural Resources and American Indian Studies in 2005.  He will earn his PhD in the same fields as soon as he finishes the last two chapters of his dissertation.  He warned awards and high marks from his students and colleagues while teaching at Cornell and at Wells College.

Scott returned to Colorado and spent 21 months as Executive Director of a land trust.  Besides being an independent consultant, Scott also serves as the Rocky Mountain representative for the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations. He is back to the type of work he loves the best; helping others understand and protect their lands and livelihoods and gain a deeper understanding of the outdoors.  With his own multi-cultural background (Mohawk/Hispanic/Scot), his years of hands on experience, and his academic research training, Scott lends a unique perspective to conservation and environmental history.




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