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Becky Hill

Amphibian Inventory and Monitoring Survey Techniques

Becky Hill

Becky Hill is wildlife biologist and herpetologist with 10 years’ experience specializing in Pacific Northwest amphibian ecology. She received a B.S. and M.S. in Environmental Sciences from Oregon State University, where she investigated amphibian assemblage habitat usage patterns for her thesis. Since then, Ms. Hill has served as a project manager and lead consultant for several amphibian ecology related projects, including: transmission line, wind turbine facility, and natural gas pipeline pre-construction surveys, aquatic breeding habitat enhancement, protocol development for baseline inventory and long-term monitoring, measuring amphibian response to habitat restoration, and wader decontamination protocol development for the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to prevent the spread of a fungal pathogen impacting amphibians globally. Additionally, she has authored technical survey reports and assisted clients navigate federal (NEPA), tribal, and state permitting processes.

In addition to Ms. Hill’s professional herping work, she also volunteers her time surveying for Oregon spotted frog egg masses (Threatened species) for the USFWS, surveying for amphibian egg mass surveys for Metro, collecting invasive American bullfrog tissue samples for Oregon State University, and giving amphibian conservation talks to youth groups In her free time, Becky enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping,
boating, and drawing wildlife.


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