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Dr. Ralph Garono

Part I: Functional Assessment of Wetland Food Web Support: Patterns in Primary and Secondary Production

Lake Ecosystem Ecology: Biological and Hydrologic Sustainability of Lake Ecosystems


Dr. Ralph Garono is current a Research Associate at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and on the graduate faculty of Oregon State University.  He has taught undergraduate courses at several institutions.  He is trained in biochemical limnology (e.g., the role that phosphorus limitation plays in structuring planktonic communities) and in aquatic entomology. His current research interests focus on assessments, at multiple spatial and temporal scales, of aquatic and marine ecosystems. His recent research projects include: the use of aquatic insects as a wetland assessment tool; GIS-based watershed assessments; the use of GIS-based models to evaluate alternative land use scenarios; and, the use of hyperspectral imagery to map landscape patterns in estuarine vegetation.  He also has over 25 yrs experience in the private sector and currently acts as the Director of the 3 Sigma Institute. 



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